When to get a Coach

Life Coaching

When to get a Coach

When I first started my education process to be a certified life coach, I was confident I would be a natural because I find solutions to challenges and opportunities daily. “Let me tell you how to fix that” was my go-to phrase.

Then I learned to listen. I learned to ask “what” questions. I learned to see themes and patterns in what the coaching client shared. And I learned that the person being coached knows more about what will work for them than anyone else. My job is to shine the light, so they discover what to do next and what may have been blocking them from moving forward.

Coaching can help with challenges at work: why am I not appreciated, how come I have not gotten a raise, how do I ask for a raise, why is my co-worker so irritating, and whatever else pops up during a workday.

Coaching can help with challenges in relationships: Why can’t I get my child to listen, why is my partner not putting me first, why can’t I find someone to date?

Coaching can help with what do I do now: I have lost my job, I am retired, I just graduated and need a job, I am now a stay-at-home parent, how do I manage this change.

Coaching is not therapy; it is the client discovering what prevents them from moving forward to a solution. Coaching has the power to transform lives. Get a coach, change your life.

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