Maui Coach Services

Laser coaching to move you forward

Level up Your Job or Career with Professional Coaching

Coaching provides a unique way to discover what is keeping you stuck in your job or career and to discover what is important to you.  What is working for you, what changes would you like to make, can your perception be altered to make a change that works.

maui coach career coaching
boundary coaching

Improve Relationships with Friends, Coworkers and Family with Life Coaching

Have you ever felt invisible?  Have you ever spoken to someone, and they do not even respond?

Do you blame others for taking advantage of you?  When you set a boundary, does it seem like a giant brick wall?  Coaching will help you to discover how to communicate with others, what are your needs and what are your wants.  Discover balance with yourself and others.

Regain Balance with Job and Personal Life

Do you grab your phone to scroll within the first second of waking? Does work follow you on the weekends and on vacation?  Do you have vague memories of eating a salad, going to an exercise class, and taking a walk with no electronics?  What is it you crave for balance? Discover now with coaching.

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